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Aglianico selection by Fiorentino

Red wine from Campania



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Corriere Vino 97
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A full immersion into Irpinia wines (Campania). Giovanni Fiorentino, the winemaker, only produce 10k of bottles p/year and has a true passion for Aglianico grape.

Taurasi (3k bottles): 100% Aglianico. Brilliant ruby red colour Definitely eye-catching nose, small sharp red fruits that accompany pleasant and delicate spices. In the mouth full and juicy, with a nice mouth center. Tannin of great perspective. Long vibrant and shrewdly. With this box you can taste 2 different harvest, 2014 and 2015. Slightly different, both really interesting.

Celsi (3k bottles): 100% Aglianico. Brilliant ruby red colour, with purple shade on the sides. On the nose a large and complex bouquet, with hints of black cherry, plum, currant, blueberries, blackberries and violets. Refined spicing: vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, black pepper and ginger. Olfactory succession of different footprints: moss, balm, menthol, tobacco, liquorice, leather. Wide mouth, an elegant sip more than powerful, soft, the result of a well-woven tannic texture. Perception in the mouth in perfect harmony and balance.

On Forbes Italy, Luca Gardini has selected Celsì 2015 among the 100 wines “perfect for every occasion and with an excellent quality-price ratio, which express the best of Italian wine culture.”


Fiorentino only cultivate Aglianico grapes. For them it's a matter of respect, for their land and family tradition, that has passed from grandparents to parents and continues today with the younger generations. The vitality of the volcanic land is where the Aglianico’s true character manifests, and the authentic “Taurasi” is born.


The History

In 1914, grandfather Luigi left for the United States from the port of Naples on the ship, “Palermo.” He arrived in New York City, moved on to Boston and finally settled in Chelsea. A century later Fiorentino have realised our family’s dream of a winery on the land he purchased with the fruits of his labor, and with much affection and gratitude they have dedicated their first wine to him, the Celsì.

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